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Photographic Exhibition

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5:00 pm

23 / 07 / 2023, 18 / 07 / 2023, 19 / 07 / 2023, 22 / 07 / 2023, 20 / 07 / 2023, 21 / 07 / 2023, 17 / 07 / 2023

Photographic Exhibition



  • Agios Lazaros Technical School – Zenovia shipwreck
  • Regional Lyceum of Livadia – The small forest of Achna
  • Archbishop Makarios 3RD Dasoupolis High School – The Cross of Misirikkos
  • Agios Vasilios Senior High School – Cypriot Arabic Dialect/SANA
  • Latsia Senior High School- the Kakkaristra Gorge
  • TESEK Of Paralimni- The Aqueduct of Ayia Napa
  • Cyprus Institute – Circular Economy / Revitalization of the old city of Nicosia
  • University of Cyprus / Archaeology Research Unit – The ship Ayios Spiridonas
  • TEPAK – Department of Fine Arts- The ancient culture in Kourion
  • University of Cyprus – Department of Education – “Women Walk Home”: an unwritten history


“In the Making” CINeDUCATION 2023
The photographic exhibition is a small taste of the documentaries carried out during the 6th edition of cinematographic workshops, during the programme “ΣΥΝeΚΠΑΙΔΕΥΣΗ” (CINeDUCATION).

Each participating student group, following the guidance by the instructors of the AEI Organization, created a short documentary (10’ length) on a topic of their choice, which falls into one of the main pillars of the Organization: history, archaeology or ethnography.

This year, six secondary schools and four academic institutions of Cyprus participated in the “ΣΥΝeΚΠΑΙΔΕΥΣΗ” educational programme. A total of 10 short documentaries were produced, while 60 students of secondary education and 20 university students were trained.

The screening of the 10 short films created during the 6th edition of the programme CINeDUCATION, will take place on the third weekend of September 2023. The ten films produced within this educational action will compete for the four awards provided by our institutional sponsors: The Cyprus Radio and Television Authority and the Cyprus Commission for UNESCO.

More information will be announced soon on the website of A.E.I. AUDIOVISUAL FORUM Organization.

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