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The Non-Profit Cultural Organization A.E.I AUDIOVISUAL FORUM was founded in 2019 by the documentary filmmaker/producer Stavros Papageorgiou. The main purpose of the non-profit cultural organization is to hold cultural and scientific events to achieve the following:

1. Development of communication and support for children, young people and professionals, artists and creators in the audio-visual production field, theatre, music, and all other forms of education, arts and culture, in Cyprus and abroad
with special reference to their scientific, professional and social interests.

2. Presentation of Cyprus’s culture through dealing with all forms of education and arts such as cinema, television, photography, theatre, music along with events and research in cultural matters, as a contributing factor to the sustainable development of young people.

The most important actions of the A.E.I. AUDIOVISUAL FORUM Organization, organized on an annual basis, which are being sponsored by the Department of Modern & Contemporary Culture, Debuty Ministry of Culture, are:

a] The organization of the annual event of the Cyprus International Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical Film Festival (in short AEI Film Festival).

b] The organization of the educational program “CINeDUCATION” including film workshops with the participation of  schools and academic institutions of th secondary education while at the same time various other innovative educational actions targeting mainly to young people are carried out.

A. Archaeology is the “study of ancient things”. Its precise modern definition is “the systematic study of the material remains of the distant or recent human past through the application of theory and method”. The archaeological documentary deals with a subject that falls into the category of archaeology, seen through the director’s gaze, based on science documentation.

E. Ethnography (from the word ethno meaning “race, culture” and graph meaning “writing”) is the systematic study of people and cultures. Through ethnography, cultural phenomena are explored, in which the researcher observes society as the object of a study. Ethnography is the means for the written cultural observations of a group. An ethnographic field study or an ethnographic incident reflects the knowledge and meaning in the life of a cultural group. The ethnographic documentary is a tool for documenting and recording reality. It deals with ethnographic and folklore topics that are presented through recordings of elements and events of folk and traditional culture. It is always done in the presence of a scientist / anthropologist / ethnographer and filming is done with the minimum intervention from the film crew.

I. The term History means the systematic study of the past, focused mainly on human activity up to the present time. History studies mainly written sources give us information about the past, while prehistory refers to the time when we do not have written sources or when these sources are not comprehensible. The study of events includes documentation but also investigates the terms that led to them as well as the general laws of historic evolution. The historical documentary deals with historical issues, the presentation of which is based on facts and evidence.

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The activities of the non-profit Cultural organisation A.E.I. Audiovisual Forum include:

1. Participation of the Organisation in innovative projects for the training of young people in media and news literacy.

2. Education of young people in film literacy.

3. Organising film festivals and cultural events.

4. Training young people and professionals in audiovisual production.

5. Development of programs promoting the promotion, preservation, improvement and development of education and intellectual culture (CULTURE).

6. Production of audiovisual works of an educational, entertainment and training nature in cooperation with the film production company TETRAKTYS FILMS.

7. Collecting, recording and screening documentaries with stories of people from all over the world.

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