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FRAGILE: A statue’s storytelling

Lecture Hall



5:00 pm

23 / 07 / 2023

FRAGILE: A statue’s storytelling


A small museum hides many more stories than one would think. A few weeks before its transfer to a new one, the old-fashioned museum of Roman Nikopolis in Western Greece experienced a unique disturbance of its everyday silence: the breakdown and transport of a life size Athena statue by a group of professional packers. This event gives us the chance to listen to the statue’s voice and to hear her secret dialogue with the director of the film who wonders about the visions and testimonies the statue might have from her existence throughout history.


Maria Leonida. Her documentary work has been screened in Film Festivals and TV channels around Europe with various subjects on art and society. Her lasted work, The Bet, received the 1st prize at the Aegean Docs festival. Her first short documentary was invited at the IDFA New Talents in 1996 and her second film, Tough Pose, received the Prize for Best Short Film Documentary in Greece in 1998 and the State Quality Award. She directed docs for the Greek Film Centre, ERT SA, ZDF, E.B.U., Archaeological Eforates and NGOs. Maria trained in filmmaking in London and Denmark. She holds a BA in History and an MA in Art History. Director and co-founder of Karpos, Centre for Education and Intercultural Communication ( Member of the European Film Literacy Advisory Group. She conducted the Curriculum for teaching Documentary at the
Arts High Schools in Greece, on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

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